Various T-Shirts 

I'll admit I probably have more t-shirts than the average person should. What started as clutch thrift store finds slowly turned into a collection that's hard to part with. When the opportunity to add to my collection would come up I didn't hesitate, and there's nothing better than adding a t-shirt or two that you've designed.


T-Shirt Model


Found Art That Seemed Lost

While surfing the web, I came across this mascot illustration that I instantly fell in love with. It's apparently a Blue Blazer, the mascot for Elkhart Central High School in Elkhart Indiana. Not being from Elkhart Indiana, I decided it needed my own version. Pulling from one of my favorite movies, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, I dubbed it a Lightning Rider and only one highschool was worthy of this mascot.

(For personal use only, all rights reserved from respective parties)

Design & Illustration / Adam Neff
Screen Printing / Geoff Crowe, Adam Yuratovac, and Brent Boyd
Photography / Sara Neff