More than Murals 

While working as the Associate Creative Director for the in-house creative team at Sherwin-Williams Consumer Brands Group, my team was presented with a great opportunity to enhance the office space of our marketing department. We were asked to feature some of the core brands within the Consumer Brands Group, add more color and fun to their workspace as well as avoid any short term branding visuals or messaging. After doing some research on the history of these brands, we pitched, sold and hand painted (minus 1 chameleon wall graphic) the murals below.   


Creative Direction


Sherwin-Williams + Valspar

Over 100 years ago one of Sherwin-Williams original mascots was a chameleon. Having recently aqcuired Valspar, which currently uses chameleon mascots Val and Jon, we thought this mural is a great way to celebrate the joining of these two companies.


Krylon's brand history is full of iconic symbols, taglines and illustrations. From the 5-ball icon to the aerosol can man spraying himself, we found a way to unite these elements in one of the more challenging spaces we had to work with. 


We Make and Keep Wood Beautiful – this simple yet elegant tagline deserved an equally beautiful design.  

Dutch Boy 

We were lucky enough to have another brand with a rich advertising history. We found an old wet paint sign and reproduced it pretty much as is with the addition of the current Dutch Boy icon. 


Did I mention we hand painted these?

Creative Direction / Adam Neff
Design / Anastasia Kandalin, Christina Ng, Tyler Federico, Adam Neff

Mural Painters / Anastasia Kandalin, Christina Ng, Tyler Federico, Adam Neff
Photography / Tyler Federico